Hey there. I’m Caz, and this is my hubby Gordon. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to eat the little guy in this picture.


We’re two local explorers living in the most beautiful county in England – Northumberland. We’ve been together since 2007 and spend our days exploring the length and breadth of the North East, Scottish Borders, and a considerable amount of the Western Scottish Highlands.

We love stepping off the tourist trails and finding the lesser known spots, and take great pleasure in finding something interesting and incredible right on our doorstep. We prefer to find the treasures that aren’t signposted. The ones that don’t cost anything to get into. The ones that make you wonder and spark your intrigue and make you want to know more about them.

Since a few of our friends have commented that they didn’t know many of these spots even existed, we thought it would be nice to pen down our adventures so everyone has the opportunity to discover and enjoy the true hidden beauty of Northumberland and beyond. If you’re after reviews of the big tourist spots, this isn’t the site for you. If you’re after discovering the Northumberland that’s truly hidden and off the beaten track, then hello, nice to meet you.

All photos are taken by Gordon (unless otherwise stated), and all writing is by me.

Let’s hope we can inspire a few of you to become local explorers too.

Two Loons




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